Catholic School Parents Australia Congratulates Anthony Albanese on his Election Victory

Catholic School Parents Australia (CSPA) has congratulated Anthony Albanese on becoming Australia’s 31st Prime Minister.

Newly elected CSPA Chair Madonna King said that CSPA is heartened to hear Prime Minister Albanese emphasise that he wants his government to be courageous, hard-working and caring and for no-one to be left behind or held back.

“CSPA strongly advocates on behalf of parents and carers in Catholic schools across Australia, enabling them to choose the education which best meets their children’s needs, and ensuring that no matter where they go to school, they will receive a well-funded, high quality education,” Ms King said.

“It should also be noted that many strong, independent women have won seats in the 47th parliament, bringing a fresh perspective to the political arena and, hopefully, inspiring more young women to look towards politics as a way of contributing to the common good,” she said.

CSPA believes this also opens up an opportunity for a conversation with the new government, and particularly the new education minister, around engaging families in their children’s learning and wellbeing and how support from the government would assist in furthering this important aspect of education.

CSPA hopes that education will figure prominently in the Labor government’s agenda and looks forward to welcoming the new Education Minister in coming days.

Recently, Anthony Albanese posed for a selfie with students during a visit to his old school St Mary’s Cathedral College in Sydney. Picture: Twitter @Albo MP