Catholic School Parents Australia is keen to Hear from Parents and Carers with Children in Catholic Schools

In the weeks ahead, Catholic School Parents Australia (CSPA) will be working with state and territory Catholic parent bodies, school parents and friends groups, diocesan directors and principals on the rollout of a parent survey which will be available on the new ENGAGE website from 25 July.

The survey aims to capture parent perspectives on issues of concern that impact their children’s health, wellbeing and learning, to help inform future federal government policy and the Catholic education community.

Feedback through this survey will also add to the bank of evidence on how parent engagement can enhance student learning and wellbeing. CSPA has partnered with the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) in relation to this work.

Catholic School Parents Australia, the national representative body for parents and carers with children and young people in Catholic schools, recently launched the ENGAGE social media platform.  This new site is tailored to inform parents and carers about issues affecting Catholic schools across Australia and has a major focus on parent engagement in student learning and wellbeing.

Parents and educators can learn more about parent engagement through resources already developed by CSPA and available on the Parent Engagement Toolkit website.  Currently, work is underway on additional parent engagement resources that will further highlight the home-school partnership and why it is important for student learning and wellbeing. These video resources will be available for teachers and parents from early 2023.

CSPA believes that when parents and teachers work together children and young people have better outcomes both in wellbeing and learning.  If you are aware of a school where the family-school partnership is flourishing, and challenges such as the pandemic have largely served to strengthen this partnership, please let CSPA know by contacting  CSPA is keen to share and celebrate family-school partnership success stories from all over Australia.

CSPA acknowledges the support of the Australian Government for funding received for this vital work.